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full service compost pickup & delivery business outta new orleans, la

Commercial Compost Pickup Commercial Compost Pickup

sustainable waste management for schools, grocery, restaurants, cafes & more.

Residential Compost Pickup Residential Compost Pickup

household compost pickup for you & your neighbors.

Supernatural Soil & Compost Supernatural Soil & Compost

more powerful then a pepperup, our products will have your
plants popping

Kitchen Garden Maintenance Kitchen Garden Maintenance

trying to grow a garden & run a restaurant? maybe we can help…

Compost Systems Design/Build Compost Systems Design/Build

we create custom compost cubicles to contain all yr carrot cuts, cucumber cores & crawfish

Soil Consultation Soil Consultation

offering soil assistance to farmers & gardeners big & small to help get your soil back to life

We envision a city with healthy soil and people empowered to grow & share good food.

retched referrals

Pagoda Cafe

We have been happy Schmelly’s customers for nearly 2 years at the Pagoda Cafe. We could not be happier with the service provided by Schmelly’s and their entire team of friendly soil makers! As a small business that strives to manage our waste cycle to lower our environmental impact and minimize overhead costs, we found that Schmelly’s was able to help us greatly reduce landfill waste and keep our garbage costs down.

We have also benefited from the outputs of the Schmelly’s process in our cafe’s herb garden by using the compost made by Schmelly’s from the waste we originally provided. Our garden is so happy!!! Such a great product delivered by such a great team!

- Pagoda Cafe

I have been lucky enough to get to use Schmelly’s compost in my community garden site in the 8th Ward over the past year. As someone who has volunteered with Schmelly’s helping out with the pick up service I can attest to the quality and composition of the source material – but the real treat has been witnessing its magic once everything has transformed from food waste to organic, nutrient rich, compost. Even though we brought in loads of soil from a local nursery when the garden was started, our garden has faced a number of growing challenges, with toxic weed infestations, fire ants, and uneven growing conditions. Being able to apply a regular supply of compost has cut back on weeds and increased productivity in my plots. I am a huge fan and know that Schmelly’s is taking a thoughtful, full system approach to addressing the serious issue of healthy soil in New Orleans!

- Susan Sakash
renaissance gardener
Anna Timmerman</br> LSU AgCenter Asst. Horticulture Agent, Jefferson Parish

I utilized this compost at the Agrowtopia Farm on Xavier University of Louisiana’s student organic farm. Each batch was rich, full of earthworms, and had a beautiful chocolate cake crumb consistency. Lots of eggshells in there also so no issues with blossom end rot! We added several inches to each raised bed and yields improved quickly. The soil held more moisture and those microorganisms helped to get the soil back to a healthy state. I would recommend this compost to anyone.

- Anna Timmerman
LSU AgCenter Asst. Horticulture Agent, Jefferson Parish