Schmelly’s is an organics recycling company. We collect food scraps from New Orleans’ restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, juice bars and coffee shops, and then compost these scraps into an organic soil conditioner for farmers to enhance their soil microbiology. Our product is composted & cured for 8-12 months to create a nutrient-dense plant food good for flowers, vegetable gardens, and production farms.

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Open Hours (no appointment necessary!)
Thursday & Friday 2-5pm
Saturday 8am-noon
(hours subject to change)

9/21/20 – We are now scheduling fall season orders!
– This webpage is the best way to get us your order request, especially if you need delivery, want some help ordering, or have a custom order. If you want to pickup & know the routine, just come by during our open hours!
– COVID19 continues to cause limitations & delays. Apologizes for any inconvenience.
– Anyone who made requests in the past few months, we’ll be contacting you to schedule ASAP.
– Pickup days are Thu or Fri 8am-5pm, or Sat 8am-noon. Deliveries days are TBD. We’ll contact you to schedule.
– Questions? the best way to contact us is email: orders(at)

Instructions for ordering:

1. Determine the cubic volume of what you need and if you can pick-up or if you need delivery. Use our handy Soil Ordering Calculator below to determine volume & appropriate transportation of soil & mulch:

link: SOIL ORDERING CALCULATOR! Volume & Transportation Guide
We wrote a very simple garden volume guide to help you figure out your soil needs. It includes a handy soil volume calculator & recommendations on how to carry your soil home.

2. All our products, quantities, and prices are listed below. Once you figure out what you want, click the button at the bottom of this page to make your request.

Schmelly’s Products:

  • ALL PRODUCTS ARE BULK. To reduce plastic waste, we do not use bags.
  • YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN CONTAINERS, OR USE A TRUCK. We will prepare the order before you arrive and will fill your containers when you get to our site. For open-bed picukup trucks, we’ll load ya up with our machine. If you are wondering how much soil your car or truck will hold, read this.
  • Pick-up orders of 1/2 cu.yard (14 cu.feet) or more: we encourage you to bring a pickup truck so we can load with our machine. Bulk price for truck loads is cheaper because it takes much less labor.
  • Please check out our pricing & then use the request form at the bottom of the page to let us know what you need. *NOTE: pricing subject to change.
  • Acronym key: “cu.yd” means Cubic Yard, “cu.ft” means Cubic Foot. For more information on measurements, visit our volume guide.

Supernatural Garden Soil Mix

Pictured: 4 cubic yards delivered on a driveway
Pictured: 4 cubic yards delivered on a driveway

Per cubic foot = $5
Small truck load (0.5 cu.yd / 14 cu.ft) = $50
1-4 cubic yards = $70 per cu.yd
5-10+ cubic yards = $60 per cu.yd

Use this to soil to fill up your vegetable raised beds, plant out a container garden, or bulk up your farm rows. We mix our homemade compost with a basic landscaping soil blend (composted manure, coffee grounds, pine shavings). Good for vegetable gardens, flower beds, and anywhere you need a high quality soil mix.

Unscreened Compost

Pictured: 4 cubic yards delivered to a farm
Pictured: 4 cubic yards delivered to a farm

Per cubic foot = $7.50
Small truck load (0.5 cu.yd/14cu.ft) = $50
1-4 cubic yards = $70 per cu.yd
5-10+ cubic yards = $60 per cu.yd

Get the biology back into your garden! From 5 gallons to 5 tons, delivered to your garden or farm. Use this to add organic matter, micro-nutrients, and biological life to your soil. We recommend 1-2″ top dressing each planting season, or 10-50% for new garden beds. (PLEASE NOTE, this compost has not been screened or sifted and contains composted wood chips, twig, bone material, and occasional straws, plastics & produce stickers from the food service industry where we source our compost feed stock.)

Premium Screened Compost

Schmelly's Compost

1-13 cubic feet = $20 per cu.ft.
14-26 cubic feet = $18 per cu.ft

Our premium screened compost is made to order, sifted through a 1/2″ screen for a gorgeous crumb cake texture. Use this product for making a potting mix, or if your garden demands the best product available anywhere.

Mulch: Basic Brown, Fancy Red, Pine Bark

Pictured: 25 cubic yards delivered to a farm
Pictured: 25 cubic yards delivered to a farm
Red mulch

Brown: $1/cu.ft; $25/cu.yd
Red: $75/cu.yd
Pine Bark: $60/cu.yd
GARDENER SPECIAL: Buy soil or compost & get free brown mulch!
LANDSCAPER SPECIAL: 10-20 cu.yds brown mulch = $12.50/cu.yd

Dress up your garden & keep out the weeds. Our super local, super basic brown mulch comes from chipped trees in New Orleans and contains wood chips, twigs, shredded leaves, and pine needles. Best bang for your buck. Red mulch and pine bark mulch are imported.


Pictured: an herb garden bed built with small logs
Pictured: an herb garden bed built with small logs

$1 per log (choose your logs from our site or get them delivered)
If you order soil, compost or mulch, request a few free logs!
Larger orders of logs will be subject to a loading fee.

Create a garden bed using logs cut by arborists in New Orleans. You can also bury these logs inside your garden soil to absorb water and help nurture the soil microbes (look up “hugelkultur” for more info). We have a variety of sizes, shapes, and kinds to choose from. Save money on lumber and reuse a natural local material.

Rain Garden Mix, Sand & Custom Blends

River Sand: $20/cu.yd (deliver up to 4cu.yd per trip)
Rain Garden Blend (2:1 sand & compost): $50/cu.yd
Sugarcane Bagasse, Rice Hulls, & Custom Mixes: contact us!

Contact us with your custom soil needs. We can blend any recipe for rain gardens, potting mixes & custom landscape projects. We source all products from the local region.

Product Delivery or Pick-Up

Product Pick-up
Thu or Fri 8am-5pm, or Sat 8am-noon
If you request pick-up, we will contact you to schedule your appointment & send you directions to our site.
We sell in bulk only — you must bring your own containers or an open bed truck. If you are wondering how much soil your car or truck will hold, please read volume guide before you make your order.

Dump Truck Delivery
Dumped in a pile in your driveway, curbside, or accessible yard
$50 = Small dump truck delivery (qty: 0.5-3 cu.yds) East bank only, under 10mi from S. Carrollton & Earhart
$90 = Large dump truck delivery (qty: 4-10 cu.yds)
$40 = Add-on Wheelbarrow Service (per 3cu.yds): put the soil right where you want it (Note: price is for up to 3cu.yds. Over 3cu.yds will increase price.)

–Bucket Delivery–
Delivered with buckets — we will dump the soil where you want it, but you don’t get to keep the buckets 😉 Max 14 cu.ft, sold in cubic foot qty only.
$25 = 1-7 cu.ft
$50 = 8-14 cu.ft

FYI We deliver to locations in greater New Orleans. Delivery outside of the greater New Orleans area is available by special request for a higher delivery rate based on distance.

3. After submitting your request, someone from the Schmelly’s team will be in touch to discuss prices and payment details. After we finalize your order, we’ll email you an invoice; you must pay your invoice before you receive your goods. Payment options are ACH/e-check (online bank draft), credit card, and good ole fashioned check. For information on the security of our payments & banking systems, visit Intuit/QuickBooks and Gulf Coast Bank.