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Composting 101: An Introduction

Resources from the Institute for Local Self Reliance aka ILSR aka yr community composting champions

ILSR’s Guide to Home Composting Basics

Recording of ILSR Webinar for Backyard Composting + more resources

Other Intro Resources:

Benefits of Compost and Best Practices for Backyard Growers

How To Make Compost At Home – Happy Home DIY

An intro to ecosystems: The consumers (or decomposers) in your compost

Composting 201: The Art and Science behind Composting

Carbon:Nitrogen Ratio

Compost Microorganisms

Soil biology and the soil food web

NYC Master Composter Manual – under revision

Composting with Kids

Composting pet waste

NRCS Report on composting dog waste

UK website about composting a variety of pet waste types

Troubleshooting Tips for Your Compost

Tips from Common Ground Compost

Small Scale Composting Methods

Overview of small scale home composting methods

Worm composting/Vermiculture

Worm tea, leachate & wet mixing

DIY Worm Composting Video Channel – 19 separate videos!

Bokashi composting

Need more on Bioactivity & the symbiosis between roots, fungi, microorganisms, 2nd level decomposers & oxygen, nitrogen, carbonNeed more local resourcesPromote farmers / communities / other organisations who are compostingMaybe add a lil “fear factor” global warming article? Pointing fingers at systems that are too wasteful? 


Seven things to do with compost if you don’t garden

National Geographic article on early humans composting & first US composting advocates

Backyard Compost Products (not a Schmelly’s endorsement!)