How much soil do I need? (& will it fit in my Prius?)

Posted on Apr 12, 2020 in Growing Help

1. Measure your garden bed:

4’x8’x1’=32cu.ft (1.2cu.yds)

2. Calculate the volume of your bed:

3. Will my soil fit in my vehicle?

Vehicle volume guide:

  • CARS
    • FYI your car will probably only hold up to 10-13 cu.ft of soil max (unless you get really creative). We only sell in bulk (no bags) so you will need to bring your own containers and determine your vehicles capacity.
  • SMALL TRUCK (Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, Ford Ranger, etc)
    • holds up to 1 cu.yd soil or compost, or 1.5-2 cu.yds mulch
  • LARGE TRUCK (F-150, Chevy Silverado, 6 or 8ft bed)
    • holds 1.5-2.5 cu.yds of soil or compost

Basic weights & volumes guide:

  • Weight of soil & compost (depending on moisture):
    • about 30-40 lbs per cu.ft
    • about 1,200-1,700 lbs per cu.yd
  • Weight of wood mulch:
    • about 500 lbs per cu.yard
  • Volumes of soil, compost, and mulch:
    • 5-gal bucket = 0.75 cu.ft of soil
    • 1 cu.ft = 7.5 gallons
    • 13.5 cu.ft = 0.5 cu.yds (half a small truck load)
    • 27 cu.ft = 1 cu.yd (small truck load)

4. Growing Resources
Check out this article if you:
— have questions about how to build a garden bed
— want to learn about potting mixes & recipes
— need to find the volume of round containers
Gardening By the Numbers: How to Calculate Cubic Feet and Cubic Yards: What seems like simple math may not be so simple for some, but it’s crucial when ordering soil, mulch or compost.