where do i take my compost?

Posted on May 27, 2021 in News

while Schmellys may be taking a rest this summer from the mid city farmers market, that doesn’t mean your food scraps have to suffer in the landfill. here are other locations that accept residential compost drop-offs.

our site will continue to accept residential food scraps through the summer. we can take meat and dairy – just no liquids!

photo of our compost drop off bins with instructions

compost NOW has its complete drop-off schedule on their website. check their facebook page for the most up-to-date weather and location alerts. no meat, dairy, bones and must be dropped off frozen!

the food policy action committee (FPAC) has also compiled its own map of drop-off locations around the city, including our site and compost NOW.

whatever you do, keep those leftovers, trimmings, and spoiled veggies in yr bins today so they can keep turning themselves into the soil of tomorrow.

Picture of two open compost bins
Photo courtesy of Compost NOW