Schmelly’s compost is made from New Orleans food waste–restaurants, grocery stores, juice bars, coffee shops. It’s composted for 6-8 months to make an exceptional product unlike anything else you can find.

  • Bulk super premium compost — Get the biology back into your garden! From 5 gallons to 5 tons, delivered to your garden or farm. Use this to add organic matter, micro-nutrients, and biological life to your soil. We recommend 1-2″ top dressing each planting season, or 10-50% for new garden beds.
  • Premium garden soil — Use this to soil to fill up your vegetable raised beds or to bulk up your farm rows. Made with mostly composted cow manure, some horse & chicken manure, pine shavings, and sugarcane potash.
  • Wood chips (mulch) — Dress up your garden & keep out the weeds. We’ve got a few different grades of wood & leaf mulch and pine needle mulch, fresh or aged. All local wood & pine needles from Greater New Orleans arborists. Holler at us to check availability.

We will begin selling Schmelly products at garden supply shops in New Orleans in the near future. Thanks for your patience and please keep posted to find out more.