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You pay someone to pickup your trash & take it to a big dump where… nothing happens! We got something better…

In all our years hauling rotten food waste, we noticed most restaurants produce something like two thousand pounds of compostable waste every month. EVERY MONTH! That’s ONE TON! And like a schmuck you pay some trash tyrant to dump it in a superfund site with old couches and chinese drywall. It kinda makes you wonder, huh. Well… we offer you something different. Schmelly’s can get your business composting immediately with a fancy sustainable waste management plan custom tailored to suit your needs. Sounds pretty green to me. Fast-paced kitchen? You can do it. Giant grocery store? No problem. Edible soap company? Yeah, ok.  We take it all from pork chops to paper to parsley. Did I mention how green you’ll be?

Contact us for a quote. In many cases, your trash costs may go down which will offset the cost of paying for compost pickup. Fill out the handy application below and we’ll holler at you soon…

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