Soo… you don’t wanna mess with backyard compost, but don’t wanna send your stanky food scraps to the dump either?
Send ’em to Schmelly’s.

We’ll pick up your schmelly stuff once a week and take it to our compost site to brew up some magical microbiological potions and make the most incredible plant food known to the universe. Twice a year, for your spring & fall garden, you’ll get a complimentary bucket of our chocolate cake compost for your garden. Eat at your own risk.

All this for only $15/month.

What’s the catch? Ok, there one: you gotta talk to your neighbors. We’ll only pickup residential compost if five households within a neighborhood area sign up together. How big an area? Hmmm…preferably on your block. But let’s say as far as 4 or 5 blocks.

While you’re here, fill out the application below and let us know you’re interested. We’ll see if there are others in your neighborhood who also want compost pickup.

Residential Compost Pickup Application: