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Soo… you don’t wanna mess with backyard compost, but don’t wanna send your stanky food scraps to the dump either?
Send ’em to Schmelly’s.

We’ll pick up your schmelly stuff, take it to our compost farm to brew up some magical microbiological potions and make the most incredible plant food known to the universe. And what do you get? We’ll bring you some chocolate cake compost every spring & fall to feed back into to your home garden. Eat at your own risk!

So what’s the cost?

  • $30 per month = pickup once-a-week
  • $20 per month = pickup every-other-week
  • Need an additional bucket? +$10/month

Wait! I have more questions!!

How does Schmelly’s pickup the compost?

Once we start picking up in your area, we’ll deliver to you a brand new green 5-gallon bucket with an air-tight ez-open lid (if you got a lotta scraps, you can get a second bucket for an additional $10/mo). On the day before your pickup, we’ll send you a reminder e-mail to put your bucket out on your front steps or driveway or any designated spot (you can give us all that info in your registration). We’ll come by either once-a-week or every-other-week, depending on your subscription.

What if my bucket stinks & has flies??

Fret not! If the sweet stink of schmelly scraps has yer schnoz offended, store ’em in the freezer: get a resealable bag or container & put ye old stinky scraps in the ice box during the time between your pickup.

I already pre-registered. When will you start service?

Once we get 30-40 subscribers in your area, we’ll send ya an email to get your subscription started, you’ll send us payment info, & we’ll drop off your 5-gallon bucket. If you have questions, email us: residential(at)schmellys(dot)com

Do you have a flier I can share with my neighbors?

Yes we do! You can download it here to print copies (2 x page) or click on the image to download a digital version to send to friends.

Looking for something free?
Compost N.O.W. is a free residential food scrap drop-off project in New Orleans. This volunteer-run effort partners with Schmelly’s and many urban farms to offer free neighborhood drop-off sites around the city!
Check out Compost NOW’s drop-off schedule here! or check out their website to learn how to volunteer.