Schmelly’s stands by New Orleans sanitation workers

Posted on May 14, 2020 in News
Metro Services, who holds the waste hauling contract with the the City of New Orleans, has fired these workers and replaced them with prisoners who are being paid $1.33/hr

We at Schmellys believe sanitation workers are owed the ability to work in safe conditions with a wage that reflects the tireless work the city demands of them. We stand in solidarity with the men forced into the precarious position of temporary labor that pays them not even half of what is considered a living wage in most cases. This reality is not new for the black men that carry the weight of the city’s garbage on their backs.

As fellow essential workers, Schmellys is in full support of the New Orleans sanitation workers that have gone on strike. These people have been fired for standing up for their rights. It is our job as a community that benefits directly from the work they do to both spread awareness and offer support. Below there is a link attached to the GoFundMe and a few links to news articles and the demands of the New Orleans sanitation workers.

More background information on the strike:

May 13 article in Big Easy Magazine

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GoFundMe campaign to support the striking workers