Schmelly’s featured on WWNO’s Out To Lunch

Posted on May 24, 2018 in News

Schmelly’s Dirt Farm & Local Cooling Farm were guests on WWNO’s Out To Lunch with Peter Ricchiuti, a lovely weekly radio program in New Orleans where guests are fed lunch at Commander’s Palace and asked questions between fork-fulls of delicious food. My kind of interview.

“It would take an Armageddon-like catastrophe to turn us all back into farmers, but there is definitely some middle ground between urban and rural that gives us the best of both worlds.”

Both Schmelly’s & Local Cooling are taking innovative approaches to developing the food & farming economy of New Orleans through building cooperative networks of farms and businesses, also blurring the lines between rural & urban life. It was a pleasure to share lunch and conversation with Grant from Local Cooling and Peter from Out to Lunch.

Listen in at: